Programming and Testing

Running a Hex file on Pt-51

Assuming that you have installed Keil and FLIP tools successfully.

  1. Download the following assembly file and compile it to generate the hex file for a simple LED test. led.asm.

  2. Take a look at the video below for the procedure to dump a hex file that will be executed on the Pt-51 kit.

Completing, the above two steps lets you test the LEDs on Pt-51 kit. This is a quick check of the Pt-51 kit and installed tools.

Testing the peripherals of Pt-51

A test file has been developed to test all the peripherals of Pt-51.

  1. Download this test file. pt51_test.hex.
  2. Program the Pt-51 using the downloaded pt51_test.hex file.
  3. Details of the peripherals being tested and their success/failure can be understood from this set of slides. Make sure all the tests run successfully.

The pdf of these slides is available here.